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 Build a Bach - A joint venture project between Taranaki Futures and WITT

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Build a Bach

About the Build a Bach projects

"As the walls of the house go up, so does the confidence of the students", Chris, WITT Build a Bach tutor

Following the successful completion of the bach builds in 2014 and 2015, the project has been scaled up to a two bedroom house from 2016.

Projects continue to be strong symbols of: 
  • practical trades opportunities for young people
  • collaboration enabling industry to contribute to the community
  • funds provision – the buildings will be sold with proceeds used to launch the next projects

If you are interested in joining Build a Bach, please see your school careers advisor. 

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Our current builds are sold but the 2017 two-bedroom build is available for purchase. Contact Libby for more information. 

Success Stories


Read about the 2015 Build a Bach builders here.

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Thank you to all generous Project Partners