Accelerator is an internship and mentoring programme for Taranaki senior secondary school students. It is designed to help improve the pathway between education and employment.






Schools and businesses are always looking for ways connect so that there is improved understanding about the qualifications and skills that are needed in work. Accelerator helps employers to become involved in the education process by giving them a chance to explain the employment opportunities available in their business and industry. Students and business mentors get to know each other over the course of the programme and this helps the student to better understand the pathway to their chosen career. Employers value young people that have good qualifications and are work-ready. It’s a win-win.

Accelerator was developed in 2016 by the MP for New Plymouth, Jonathan Young. Since 2017 the programme has been run by Taranaki Futures.

How it works

Each Monday during term two students will be paired up with a business that aligns to their career pathway interests. A dedicated business mentor from within the business will spend one hour per week with the student (between 4-5pm usually), answering questions and talking generally about the workplace and wider industry.

Next, students will come together to spend time with a dedicated coach. The coach’s role is to help the students reflect on their placement. During this time students will also hear from Taranaki’s leaders on a series of leadership skills building sessions (things like the importance of good communication and how to build resilience). This is an informal and fun time, enjoyed over a bite to eat.

What is a Business Mentor?

A business mentor is a lead person within the company who will oversee the placement of the student within the organisation. The business mentor will help the student to understand the company, what it takes to do the job and how to take the correct steps along that career pathway. Taranaki Futures organises the placement and works with the business mentor to ensure the placement has value for the student and employer.

What is a Coach?

Successful, professional people from around Taranaki give up their time to share their stories and advice on how to succeed. Taranaki Futures works to ensure that coaches represent a wide cross-section of Vocational Pathways.


If you are a Year 12-13 secondary school student in the New Plymouth District you can enrol for the programme today. Applications close 29 March 2019 and entry is limited.


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