Road Transport Industry Cadetship

Road Transport Industry Cadetship

This two-part road transport industry cadetship offers a pathway for Year 9-13 school students (both in and outside of school), into the transport industry.

The programme is designed to be ‘a long job interview’ for a young person and it will equip them with the knowledge and skills to make them ready for work across a number differing industry and trades. Students completing the programme can achieve NZQA Achievement Standards and Unit Standards.

The programme is for students who are:

Part one of the programme aims to develop employment skills to assist the student when seeking employment. It will provide:

Part two of the programme is the heavy vehicle driver cadetship. This works with road transport operators who want to provide opportunities for new people to enter the industry as driver trainees.

The programme is a blend of learning about the company’s operations, the industry and the knowledge and skill requirements of a professional heavy truck driver.

The cadetship is designed to be completed over a period from when a trainee driver first enters the industry to when the trainee and the operator agree the suitably, or otherwise, of the trainee for a career in the industry.

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