Taranaki Futures – Driving for Change


Studies show that 70,000 – 90,000 young people face major barriers to progressing to a full licence.  A driver licence currently holds many functions beyond a licence to drive. It’s a prerequisite to many jobs, independence, a formal means of legal identification, and a positive step to participate in our economy.

Taranaki Futures is part of a national group of organisations from across business, iwi, community, local government, central government, philanthropic and non-government organisations – together we formed the Driving Change Network. Our mission is to promote a driver licensing system where licences are recognised for the social and public good they provide. We want New Zealand to be a country where everyone is able to access the benefits of a driver’s licence.

Taranaki Futures is one of many organisations running a community driver licence programme addressing these challenges for today. The Driving Change Network believe that a big picture review is needed, with a more coordinated, inclusive and accessible driver licensing system for all. To start the discussion, the Driving Change Network is seeking a hui with Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern in an open letter (attached).

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